Quality certificate

Dxocio SL has reached the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification

Sporting, cultural and entertainment services DxOcio S.L. is a company dedicated to the development of sports, educational and entertainment services, more dynamic and active events and adventure and cultural tourism.

In our Company we consider as basic management principles, proper dealings with customers, as well as respect for the environment.
For all this we define the following principles:

  • Comply with applicable regulations and where posible, go beyond the requirements which the organization subscribes.
  • Implement an integrated quality management and environment, and continuous improvement system.
  • Commitment to meet all requirements of our customers, and get máximum satisfaction thereof
  • Reduce the invironmental impact associated with the activity, paying particular attention to the aspects that have to do with the consumption of natural resources and generation of waste
  • Perform proper management (internal and external) of waste generated, performing whenever posible, a reduction in origin
  • Raise awareness and sensitize all staff members, suppliers, and partners on the need to achieve:
  • High quiality grade in offered services
  • Propper environmental management

DXOCIO integrated quality and environment policy is a statemen of intent and principles, which provide a global framework for the setting of targets for integrated quality and invironmental management.

DXOCIO SL. Business management further undertakes to organize, develop and monitor programs and actions necessary for the Company to implement the system (in agreement with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 laws) which must be assumed by all employees and collaborators of the same, in order to achieve the objectives in the areas of quality and environment.

This integrated quality and environmental policy will be reviewed annually, communicated to all employees and made available to the public.
Doña Mencia, april 1st 2014