Other sustainable vehicles

Other sustainable vehicles



Handlebar grips with secure and adjustable to the height of 82-95cm
Front and rear wheels brake
Tire Wheel measures 40.64cm in diameter to the front an to the rear 30.48cm
Front and rear metal fenders
Reflecting light on the front and rear to improve safety

Technicals features
123 cm – long
65 cm width
95 cm high
7,6 kg weight
Recommended age: Users weighing up to 50kg

Folding scooter, made of high impact aluminium
Handlebar height adjustable
608ZB semi precisión bearings
High quality polyurethane wheels
Rear brake

Jumper boots

Reduce the impact by 80%, making them the less impact shoes on the world.
They are a sportive safe shoes, very stable and easy to use

Used to run more safely, lose weight, tone, and best, solo or group fitness practice in the Via Verde

Its use is recommended for all ages and physical conditions.

Technical features
Size 35 to 44
Recommended age
From 5 to 99 years old

Fort he more adventurous, we present this novel instrument. A device designed to have a good time, alone or in the Company of Friends, to overcame obstacles, jump, run and try all kinds of movements.

Mountain boarding

Is based in traveling on a table for all types of off-road surfaces.

These tables are known as mountainboards and are similar to a skateboard, but larger (90cm to 130cm wheelbase) and pneumatic wheels 6-10” in diameter
It include footstraps for feet and a leash for not to lose it

These tables are very popular in other countries and are used as mountain skates, driven by gravity (very similar to the snowboard feeling)

Technicals features
90 a 130 cm long
25- 30cm width
15 cm high
4 kg weight
Recommended age: Users weighing up to 80kg

This novel DIVE consists of a table mountain board and windsurf sail.
If you are someone who likes to experience new sensations, don’t let the opportunity pass

Technicals features
30 cm widht
210 high
10 kg weight
Recommended age: from 14 years