Corporate social responsibility

SBF is a commited to society and environment Company.
For our company’s main value is the environment in which we do business. We are aware of everything around the Via Verde, the Natural Park of Sierras Subbeticas and Dona Mencia, assessing their potential and threats by encouraging all users of our services adopt a behaviour of respect for the natural environment and taking action to ensure sustainable and balanced development.

We have a strong commitment to local development, investing in the promotion of agricultural products of our land, wines and oils and other products produced in Dona Mencia.

Our most recent actions, noted the collaboration:
Creating the tourist route “Enchanting corners”, supporting tourist to visit Dona Mencia
Lecture “The greenway as a source of business” for the WorkShop “Subbetica Via Verde’s School”
Greenways National Day celebration, organizing a meetup between users of the Subbetic Via Verde and complementary activities.
Exhibition of Wildlife Natural Park Sierras Subbeticas and their environment. You can visit it in the “Casilla del Caserón (Cottage of the Caserón/Big House)” which is placed 2km from Bike Center.
1st Race Subbetica Via Verde, offering logistical and technical support to the organization.
Editing the Natural Park Sierras Subbéticas and Doña Mencia’s ethnologic-cultural guide

SBF launches environmental awareness activities that raise awareness to the users of the Subbetic Via Verde. If you would like to participate or learn more about our actions, contact us at